How valuable is Star digital Marketing for small business? It’s hard to measure, in part because no two online businesses are exactly alike. Many companies operate as web sites with a shopping cart, or as portals via a server. Others operate like traditional brick and mortar stores, only with their online storefront. There are even some that operate as a combination of both. Yet others operate solely online, selling products or services directly from their own websites.

All of these marketing models involve an owner putting together web pages using various programming languages (Coldfusion, ASP, PHP, etc.) and placing them on a server. When an interested consumer goes to the site and chooses to make a purchase, it uses one of many methods of payment including Google checkout, Paypal, or another such service. How valuable is digital marketing for small business? Well, if you have any knowledge at all about internet marketing and web data, you know that the more information you can collect about a customer – their shopping habits, their level of trust in your brand, etc.

The 5 Most Essential Digital Marketing Apps for Small Businesses

How valuable is digital marketing for small business is when you take that information and use it to convert a interested online buyer into a customer. That’s right – when a customer is interested in your product, service, or company, they typically will enter in some sort of address/phone number/email address where you can send them additional information or a form to complete. The logic behind this is simple: if the interested party is interested, they will either enter in that information willingly, or they will exit out of the process as soon as they have completed it. So, by placing a single form on your website, you will now have access to all that buyer’s email addresses, all their phone numbers, and possibly even their email address on your website. This makes your digital marketing channels much more valuable than they were before.

How valuable is digital marketing for small business is when you combine that same “marketing channels” with other methods of driving traffic to your website. If you have a blog, for example, how valuable is it when you start offering free advice, tips, or tricks on your blog that the reader will be able to follow? How valuable is it when you then place links throughout the blog, into your email signature, and throughout your social media networks (such as Twitter)? How valuable is digital marketing for small business when you combine those efforts with SEO and social media efforts such as blogging, email campaigns, and SEO? How valuable is digital marketing for small business is when you use all of those efforts to drive traffic to your website and increase your online visibility and ranking?

How valuable is digital marketing for small business is when you combine all those efforts with an understanding of user experience and digital insights? User experience and digital insights are two of the biggest factors when it comes to converting online visitors into buyers and ultimately converting that buyer into a loyal customer. What do you think makes a good website? What do you think makes a bad website? And what do you think would improve a website’s conversion rate?

These are just some of the questions that can be answered by search engine optimization and social media analytics. The more comprehensive your approach is the more valuable your digital marketing can be. Search engine optimization and social media analytics will help you understand the value you hold in your industry and how you can leverage that value. So don’t take your digital marketing for granted.