Top Real Estate Companies in California – The housing industry made a big comeback in the housing boom period around 2008. Economists and business magazines are predicting an increase in the number of new home sales, and the average selling price over the past year, and many of the top-producing real estate firms in California are turning that to good news for current home owners hoping to sell. The top Hervey Bay Real estate agency in California have seen a boom in sales in the past year and California homeowners looking to get out from under a home mortgage have been hitting the Internet looking for a way to find a buyer for their house. While the housing market in California is showing signs of improvement, the top real estate companies in California are still feeling the pinch, with many listing houses and condos at prices that are far below what they can charge, and buyers have a tough time finding a home that is priced to sell.

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One of the top real estate companies in California, the Century 21 Realty Corporation, has put a sharp reduction in the price of their homes on the market. In January, the company reduced the asking price for one of their most popular properties, the Heritage Point condominium in Laguna Niguel. The company attributed the sale of the property to a “very slow market” at the moment, with many sellers unable to find a buyer for their properties. Though it is not clear how much of a drop-off the market is experiencing, Century 21 Realty Corporation is still holding firm in its position of selling these properties at the prices they are.

Another top real estate company in California is Century 21 Realty, which is located in San Francisco. It was not too long ago when the company released numbers showing a significant drop-off in residential sales from previous years. However, they have since rebounded, bringing in new business and retaining their top spot as one of the best real estate agents in the area. It is difficult to find a business in the residential real estate field that has had a better year than Century 21 Realty. The company has continued to attract new business and retain its top ranking, even as other brokers have dropped their listings of properties.

A third company from California, Sterling Bay, has maintained its top spot with respect to commercial property. Though it is difficult to say whether or not the sale of the penthouse in Fort Lauderdale was influenced by the state’s financial problems, it is apparent that the sale did take place at a time when the market was still favorable for buyers. Even with the market being in a downward direction, Sterling Bay managed to negotiate a fair price for the property, beating the asking price of a buyer who may have been outbid by another firm. Though Fort Lauderdale is in a recovery, this is the top real estate companies in the area that continue to be successful.

The fourth best real estate company, Century 21, is based in San Diego. Like many of the other top companies, it is hard to say if the recent downturn was a factor in its success. But on the other hand, this is one of the few realtors who has retained its top position due to strong sales and marketing. Century 21 continues to do very well with its top real estate property listings and is even currently negotiating for a possible acquisition of the failed Cuda Foods, a food processing facility that closed in January.

Although there are other top real estate companies that have seen a drop in business, these are the top five brokerage firms in the industry. Of course, other firms exist and while they may be a good choice for some buyers, others will likely choose a different brokerage firm for their next property. Choosing the right agent is just as important as finding the right house, so choosing one of the top real estate companies is an essential step in the buying process.