Good quality compression stockings have the power to change the lives of individuals who suffer from varicose veins. Varicose veins are caused when a vein becomes enlarged and difficult for your circulatory system to transport blood. These veins appear either on the legs or in various other areas of the body including the feet. They cause an itching sensation, heaviness in the legs, and general discomfort.

Answered: What Are The Best Compression Socks?

In order to prevent them from becoming larger and more irritated, you need to wear good quality compression stockings that will compress the veins until they return to their normal size. This compression helps relieve some of the discomfort that you feel, and also prevents additional veins from forming. There are some individuals who suffer from a condition where the veins actually appear as a bulge, and many of these individuals have difficulty wearing regular panties. These types of individuals should seriously consider wearing support hose each night before bed. Wearing these socks will make it much easier to remove your panties when you must wash them, and they will also keep your insides very warm and moist throughout the night.

The increased blood flow that good quality compression stockings promote will also increase your energy level. When blood circulation is improved throughout the body, it causes the muscles to contract, and this can increase your metabolism. The more your metabolism is up, the more calories you burn throughout the day. People who suffer from excess weight, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure can all benefit greatly from improved blood circulation throughout the body.

There are several conditions that should be treated by good quality compression stockings. Individuals suffering from varicose veins should consider wearing support hose each night before bed. Varicose Veins flare-up is very painful, and some people actually wake up in the morning unable to walk or stand because of the pain. Wearing good quality compression stockings will help reduce and sometimes eliminate the discomfort that is associated with these veins. People who are overweight or who are undergoing treatment for any type of circulatory problems should definitely consider improving their circulation through the wearing of compression stockings.

Those individuals suffering from spider veins may also benefit from the use of compression socks each night before bed. Spider veins are often the result of blood pooling in the legs, and there is actually some scientific evidence that shows that varicose veins increase blood pooling in the legs. When you sleep with good support socks on, the blood pools in the legs will remain low, and this will help to prevent the development of new veins. These veins will simply shrink and disappear.

Good quality compression socks come in two basic types, and there are graduated and non-graduated. The graduated stockings are designed to be tighter at the lower leg, and looser at the upper leg. They are usually worn at night, as they are tight at the ankle, and allow a bit of space for the foot to breathe. The non-graduated socks have graduated elasticity, and they are worn during the day.