If you have ever read an Instant Space Self Storage review then you know they are all positive. So why do so many people rave about these self storage facilities? The answer is simple. They provide a safe, secure environment for your possessions when you are not around to take them with you when you move home or are otherwise forced to leave them in storage. The fact that they have a no frills setup and can be put together quickly and easily makes them an attractive option for anyone who has too many items to store safely in their home or garage.

The Benefits of Instant Space Self Storage

The biggest advantage of using self storage is the convenience factor. Rather than having to plan in advance where you are going to put your things, you can simply bring your unused items into the storage facility. Once there, the staff will pack it up into the appropriate unit and transport it to your new home or place of work. Some self storage companies even offer move-in services, so you won’t need to worry about finding a transport vehicle or making other arrangements to get your belongings into the new house or location. This can save a great deal of time and hassle, making the whole process of packing and moving home or office a lot easier.

Another advantage is the price. Self storage units can be as expensive as traditional warehouse storage spaces, but prices can vary widely depending on the size of units and what you are renting. For example, there are small storage units that are only big enough to hold a few boxes, which can cost much less than the larger units that are available at more than ten feet in width and over forty feet in length. There are also some self storage units that can fit in your walk-in closet, allowing you to keep your things safe and dry without worrying about whether they can be accessed when you arrive or leave.

Instant Space self storage reviews also point out another benefit: the ability to quickly and easily move things around your new home or office. If you haven’t been able to do this before, you may find that the storage space is perfect for this. It allows you to quickly pack important items and take them with you when you move, rather than having to load everything onto your moving truck and drive it across the street and into your new home. You can also get good deals on moving costs, since many of these storage units can be delivered within a few days, rather than the weeks it might take for a traditional moving truck rental.

Instant Space also offers many options in terms of the way you pay for your storage units. A typical self storage unit is delivered to your home or office, and you pay for the space either on an installment plan or through monthly plans. This means that you’ll be charged whatever is most affordable, whether it’s monthly or quarterly. However, it is important to note that most of these storage units require customers to pay for their own delivery and pickup services as well. This may make the monthly bill a bit higher than you were expecting, but the delivery time should be much shorter, which shouldn’t be a problem for most renters.

In addition to the space itself, Instant Space has many other features that will help you manage your storage better. For example, one of the features is a calendar, which will allow you to keep up with your storage units and their progress. The other features include high tech security and 24-hour security monitoring, so if you’re storing important or valuable items, you can rest easy knowing they are safe and secure. Overall, if you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to store your excess items until your next move, then you may want to look at Instant Space self storage units.