Putting in double glazing can create a much warmer house. Not only can it reduce heat gain from the sun and reduce noise, but it can also cut down on utility bills. It can also last for 25 years! Read on to find out more about this popular home improvement. You’ll be glad you did! uPVC double glazed windows is an effective way to reduce noise levels in a home.

Reduces heat gain from the sun

Awnings and shades can block out the sun, thereby reducing the amount of heat entering your home. They also keep you cooler by keeping the windows covered. Additionally, you can use plants to block the sun’s rays during the hottest time of the day. You can also increase the insulation of your home to keep in cooler air during the summer. However, keep in mind that the insulation level in your home should not be too high or too low. In addition, modern appliances and overall living activities can generate a lot of heat in your home, and you should try to reduce that as much as possible.

Reduces noise

Laboratory tests have shown that it can block up to 80% of noise. Noise pollution has become a major issue in modern society, with a range of health consequences that include cardiovascular disease, sleep deprivation, tinnitus, and antisocial behavior. By reducing the noise in your home, you can improve your quality of life and boost your productivity at work and home.

Reduces utility bills

Double glazing is one of the most efficient ways to insulate your home. Not only will it lower your energy bills, it will also reduce the amount of energy you use. In fact, you can save up to $5,000 over the life of double glazing.

Lasts up to 25 years

Double glazing is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. When you install a quality double glazing unit, you can expect to get many years of service out of it. Some manufacturers offer warranties of up to 20 years and others offer warranties of up to 35 years. The warranty you receive will depend on the type of double glazing unit you choose and the location of your home.


The cost of double glazing depends on a number of factors. While many websites can offer lists of double glazing costs, these do not include installation. If you are considering this type of renovation, it is essential to choose a professional glazier to complete the work. A double glazing installer can give you advice on which style of window is most appropriate for your home.


Adding double glazing to your house is an excellent way to make your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It reduces heat transfer by creating an insulating layer between the glass and the surrounding air. The resulting reduction in heat transfer means that you can achieve temperature control. The added benefit is lower heating bills.

UV protection

Double glazing is an effective way to make your house warmer by reducing UV rays. It deflects the damaging rays to prevent them from penetrating your home. Many people choose tinted glass for this purpose, but it is also possible to get laminated glass installed for even more security. This type of window is also good for the environment, and they are designed to last for at least 20 years.