A major structural repair to concrete is not something that should be undertaken by the general public or by anyone who doesn’t have the proper training. It is best to hire the services of a professional engineer for such a large project. A trained professional engineer can advise you on the best methods of repair and ensure that the repair job is completed successfully, formwork website.

Roadware Concrete Mender

Roadware Concrete Mender is a versatile, ultra-penetrating, and flexible concrete repair solution. Its formula is made with two parts of sand to one part liquid, which allows it to reach cracks and holes with high depths. Once the repair is complete, it is finished by applying a layer of a concrete resurfacing solution, such as a 40/30 grit sand.

Roadware Concrete Mender is designed for interior and exterior concrete surfaces. It can be used for dormant cracks, contraction joints, and spall repair. Its high strength and low surface tension makes it suitable for a wide variety of cracks, and it can be injected into concrete up to 24 inches thick.

Quikrete 20 lb. Polymer Modified (PM) Structural Repair

This polymer-modified structural repair formula reinforces damaged concrete structures while compensating for shrinkage. It sets in twenty to forty-five minutes and cures in three hours. The resulting repair is strong and durable, and can be sculpted to match existing concrete surfaces.

This high-strength, shrinkage-compensated structural repair material is formulated for vertical and overhead repairs. It is designed for use in parking garages, sidewalks, floors, and driveways.

PolyLevel(r) slab-raising process

The PolyLevel(r) slab-raising process is an innovative concrete repair solution that uses polyurethane foam to stabilize and lift sinking concrete slabs. This foam is extremely lightweight – just four pounds per cubic foot – and is both waterproof and stable, meaning it will not react with soils or chemicals. It is also a greener alternative to traditional mudjacking methods. DryZone, LLC offers this solution for concrete repair.

PolyLevel(r) is an engineered two-part polyurethane foam injection process that raises concrete slabs or concrete elements. The system is a permanent solution to sinking concrete and is designed to work under varying weather conditions. PolyLevel is available in a variety of formulas that are specifically designed to address a variety of structural problems.

Polymer modified concrete

Polymer modified concrete is a concrete product that contains a polymer that increases its workability and strength. It also reduces water content and improves its freeze-thaw resistance. The added polymer also enhances the bond between the aggregate and the matrix. Its tensile and flex strength is higher than that of conventional concrete. It can also be used for rehabilitation of old, damaged concrete.

The composition of polymer modified concrete varies depending on the specific application. It can contain acrylics, vinyl acetate, or styrene-butadiene. Each polymer has distinct properties. For example, acrylic latex offers a good water-resistant bond, while styrene-butadiene produces a high modulus of elasticity. It can also be enhanced with the addition of carboxylic acid, which increases its water resistance and hydrophobicity.

Slab jacking

Slab jacking is the process of lifting concrete slabs from the ground. This method was first used in the early 1900s. It is a fast, effective way to lift concrete that has settled or been damaged by water or ground settlement. The process works by pumping a special mixture under the settled concrete slab. This mixture will not settle, and the lifting process can be completed within a day.

In commercial and retail concrete repair, a company may use Slab Jacking to raise a concrete slab that is sinking or has become unstable. The process involves filling the voids under the slab with a material such as polyurethane foam. This material then expands and creates a firm, solid surface under the slab. The process is quick, safe, and has zero environmental impact.