Backlink Building Strategies for 2020. There will be many more changes in the backlink building strategies for 2020. We can expect that PageRank and PR will fall. here, PageRank is a measurement of link quality based on websites. As Google changes its algorithm, backlink building strategies for 2020 may include:

backlink link building strategies


Blog Commenting. In case you don’t know it already, you’re losing a lot of money if you ignore blogs and leave comments on them. Other bloggers and backlink agents spam your comment with their backlinks. So, here one should be extremely cautious since otherwise, greedy backlink agents will override other publishers and ruin your reputation. For instance, your last blog comment should be sincere and include a backlink at some point which leads back to your resources.

Resource Pages. You have to take utmost care while creating and submitting your resource pages. This is because the Googlebot indexes your pages too quickly. So, for backlink strategy for 2020 you have to ensure that your resource page has a high rank and that the link you’ve submitted is not one of the common ones. Google might penalize your resource page by dropping its rank or by not giving you the maximum benefit of backlinks.

Broken Links. Broken links can ruin your reputation in two ways – first by appearing like spam, and second by affecting the search engine’s algorithms. These kinds of links are called ‘broken links’. In case you’ve got many of them on your website, this will get you banned from Google’s AdSense program. In case you have none, then you would lose your credibility and that’s what you don’t want.

Black Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It might seem strange to you that backlinks and quality backlinks count here. However, black hat SEO is not at all bad. Black hat SEO works like this – you link building a certain page of your website with an anchor text found on another website. However, you never link back to the original website or page where the anchor text was found. So backlinks can be quality and useful but black hat SEO is something different.

Backlinks can be sourced from a large number of places. For backlink building purposes, you can either get it yourself or from other authority sites or blogs. Many bloggers and authority sites offer link building services to their subscribers and visitors. You can also buy backlinks from these people or companies.